WHMCS Payment Gateway Module.

Khalti is Nepal’s leading financial services company(mobile wallet, payment gateway) that offers full-stack payments & financial solutions to consumers, offline merchants, and online platforms. Each customer is different and so are their payment preferences. Khalti Payment Gateway Module enables you to accept payments online through the website instantly via different payment methods e-banking, Mobile Wallet.

The customer selects the domain and hosting products, adds them to the cart, proceeds for Khalti payment on the checkout page, and enters Khalti Wallet ID and Pin on your(merchant) website. All the transaction you make get processed in no time via Khalti payment gateway saving you from all the hassle of waiting long to get your services activated instantly.

Khalti WHMCS Payment Gateway Module: Key Features

  • Accepts payments online with ease from Nepal’s leading payment gateway – Khalti
  • Seamless checkout process and transactions can be made 24/7 from anywhere.
  • Provides multiple payment options for customers.
  • The client gets notified through email upon successful Khalti payment through the website.
  • Client’s payment details will be stored on the client’s billing section in WHMCS.

Khalti module for WHMCS, Version 7.5.1

About this module:

This module allows the merchant to accept payment online on your website via Khalti. More payment options and wider coverage make the payment process more simple for your customers and maintaining the service standard to the next level and, at the same time, it means more sales and higher revenue for you.

Additional information can be found at:


  • Working WHMCS installation (tested up to version 4 to 7.8)


  • Unzip the “Khalti-Module-for-whmcs_zip” file directly in the modules/gateways folder of your WHMCS installation.
  • Activate the Khalti module in your WHMCS admin panel (Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways -> All Payment Gateways).
  • Look for the “ Payment Gateway” button and click on it.
  • Log into your Khalti Dashboard > Account > Keys section, copy the Live Secret and Public Key from your account and paste them into the corresponding fields at the module’s setup page on your WHMCS as shown below.
  • Click on “Save Changes” in your WHMCS.

Please contact our amazing support team to help you install Khalti WHMCS Payment Gateway.


To test the newly installed Khalti WHMCS Payment Gateway module you can enable your service’s test mode by inserting Test Secret Key and Public Key at official website. Be sure to change the secret key with the final live merchant key that will be enabled after a successful complete of the test phase on the same account before going live.

Why Khalti WHMCS Module?

Simple, Seamless Checkout Process:

Using the Khalti WHMCS Plugin allows you to decide what your checkout process will look like. And it allows customer to hand over their Khalti Wallet Credentials on the invoices and finally part with their hard-earned cash activating their services instantly. This increases more trust towards your brand thus ensuring higher conversions and sales.

Great Buying Experience:

People struggle to complete their service purchases and walk away. This happens to small businesses every single day – and once a customer walks away, they rarely come back. So, Khalti WHMCS Module can help to avoid this loss of business and improve the customer buying experience for online payments converting window shoppers become paying customers.

Multiple Payment Options:

Khalti WHMCS Payment Gateway Module allows you to make payments using a variety of methods including khali wallet, eBanking, mobile banking partnered with khalti partner banks, connectIPS. Employing Khalti WHMCS Module, you can accept payment with various banks partnered with Khalti without any hassle of integrating with individual banks.

That’s it! Sit back and enjoy secure payment processing via Khalti!