WHMCS Payment Gateway Module.

The IMEPAY WHMCS Payment Gateway Module is an additional component to provide services that allow your users to make purchases online from their IME digital Wallet and get their services activated instantly.

Gone are the days of brick and mortar shops. It’s the time where everyone prefers sitting at the comfort of their home and ordering their services online. It’s the age of e-commerce so understanding and having a trusted Payment Gateway system for your business is a must to grow your business online thus increasing sales conversions.

IMEPAY WHMCS Module: Key Features

  • Accepts payments online with ease from one of the leading IPG(Internet Payment Gateway) – IMEPAY.
  • Help companies beat fraud invoices and much more.
  • Hundreds of companies from Startups to established has enabled increasing sales conversions.
  • Best for WHMCS Billing Platform Websites – especially hosting companies.
  • Seamless Integration to automate your services/product purchases.
  • The client gets notified through email upon successful payment.
  • The client’s payment details will be stored on the client’s billing section in WHMCS.

IMEpay module for WHMCS, Version 7.5.1

About this module:

This module allows the merchant to accept payment through IMEpay via the website. Choosing a suitable payment gateway module for your business can often determine the success of your online business with increased sales because of the seamless checkout process. Today, it is imperative for online merchants(you) because most online shoppers are already familiar with the technology. If you’re not taking care of your customers, your competitors will!

Additional information can be found at:


  • Working WHMCS installation (tested up to version 4 to 7.8)


  • Unzip the “IMEPay-Module-for-whmcs_zip” file directly in the modules/gateways folder of your WHMCS installation.
  • Activate the IMEPAY module in your WHMCS admin panel (Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways -> All Payment Gateways).
  • Now, Go to “Manage Existing Gateway” and  Look for the “IMEpay Payment Gateway” button and click on it.
  • Then, Enter your merchant code and Merchant Username, Merchant Password, Merchant Module Name provided by IME Pay into the corresponding fields at the module’s setup page on your WHMCS.
  • Click on “Save Changes” in your WHMCS.

Please contact our amazing support team to help you install the IMEPay WHMCS Payment Gateway.


To test the newly installed IMEpay Payment Gateway module for the WHMCS, you can enable your service’s test mode at IMEpay official website. Be sure to change the secret key with the final live merchant key provided by the IMEPAY team back before going live.


Seamless Checkout Process:

The IMEPAY payment gateway that can mesh seamlessly with your eCommerce websites and streamline your business. With this module enabled, you actually don’t have to manually update the payment status for successful transactions. It helps automatically reflected in your WHMCS tools you’re already using. This increases monthly checkout visits, reduces shopping cart abandonment rate, and ensures increased average order value.

Great Overall Buying Experience:

Today many shoppers and online customers are having a negative buying experience because of difficult navigation and inconvenient checkout process. These modules help them provide next-level service experience motivating them to make more purchases in the future.

Easy Payment Options:

IMEPAY WHMCS Payment Gateway Module allows your customers(prospects) to make payments online through your website. Thus they’ll never leave your website without purchase. Make sure you make it easy for your customers to pay using the most prevalent payment options. IMEpay is a must-have. Many customers use IMEpay because of their apparent security and convenience.

That’s it! Sit back and enjoy secure payment processing via IMEPAY WHMCS Payment Gateway!