At whmcspaymentmodule.com, our purpose is simple: to automate the payment process and deliver WOW experiences for you.

"If you've a goal to increase your sales, now is the time to make it happen with us."


Few years ago, we began as a small online business that only sold websites. Today, we still design amazing websites — as well as app development, web services, module development, and more.


That "more" is providing the excellent customer service, offering amazing buying experience, and sharing company culture. We aim to inspire everyone by showing it's possible to simultaneously deliver happiness to customers, employees, vendors and community.


We hope that in the coming days people won't even realize we started designing website online. Instead, they'll know WHMCSPaymentModule as a service company that just happens to sell ________.


At WHMCSPaymentModule, our 5 Core Values(Pursuing growth, Embracing Change, Delivering WOW through service, Friendly Communications and Doing more with less) are more than just words. They're valuable guide for everything we do. As we grow, our strategies may change, but these core values will remain the same.